At Casa do Bico, we are fully aware of the need to take care of the environment and respect our surroundings. Therefore, we adopt measures that help reduce the impacts of our activity, reducing energy, water and other resource consumption.

We know that tourism carried out in a sustainable way can contribute to the development of our territory, and that is why we encourage all our clients to join this commitment, making responsible use of water and energy, purchasing local products, visiting traditional artisans and producers.


Photovoltaic energy

We installed 18 photovoltaic panels for self-consumption that generate 9 Kw/h. At most, with connection to the electrical grid when we do not need energy in the house.

We also install, at the disposal of two guests, a Mennekes type 2 electric car charger, compatible with most two electric cars on the market. In this way, those who stay at Casa do Bico can carry and travel with greater freedom in the Ancares region of Lugo.

Cargador para coche eléctrico


With a wood-burning fireplace, wood that is extracted by pruning our trees.

There are also electric radiators available in the home that are powered by photovoltaic panels.


Saving water

The water comes from the natural spring of Fonte de Ferrañol, from some of the surrounding villages due to its good quality.

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